"And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."

​St. John 1:5


Do you have strange sounds or tappings that are unexplained?...
Feel oppressed or harassed by something unseen?... 
Do you see shadowy figures?...

Feel like you are being watched by something or someone that isn't there?...  
Are your belongings mysteriously disappearing or being moved ?...

If you are terrified ...worried that you have a spirit attachment and want help...look no further. 
We specialize in-but are not limited to-suspected demonic cases and serious cases of disturbance in an individual or family. In such cases, we follow a strict religious approach to bring resolution..

Welcome to the Website of the Southeast Paranormal Society. This is the official website of the Southeast Paranormal Society, based in Warner Robins, GA. 
We investigate cases where people perceive they are experiencing strange, unexplainable things, and they are afraid, confused, and want help. Often, for various reasons, they are also reluctant to turn to their Church, or do not have a Church to turn to. Although we operate within the wider field of "paranormal investigating" we are NOT typical "ghost hunters" which you see on many television shows today. We are a group of Christian investigators who operate within this context in order to help individuals and families who are experiencing things they cannot explain and are frightened by it. They are reaching out for help, but often will not or cannot find help from their Church. We act as a intermediary in such cases.
Our  investigations into alleged paranormal activity are conducted from a Religious perspective. That is, we bring our faith to looking into the case. We investigate the more "typical" claims of paranormal activity, but we specialize in demonic cases or cases that are suspected to be of demonic cause.  When necessary, we help arrange blessings and prayers for those who need it by encouraging the person to see a priest (or their pastor), return to Church, and practice a lifestyle of authentic faith. We work with them through this process. As the team leaders are Christian, we follow the Code of Canon Law (c. 117 2) and the Discipline of the Sacraments in ALL of our cases. However, you do not need to be Catholic to receive our help. Our purpose is to help individuals and families. 
We also can help Wiccans, Pagans, Satanists, and other Occult practitioners who wish to get free and come out of what they are into, or were into; some of whom have severe demonic attachment. We are very experienced in helping paranormal investigation team members who have developed an attachment, for one reason or another, due to their investigating. 
We offer the best scientific diagnosis, approaches, and technology available - because we first investigate for natural etiologies that would explain the phenomena (we look for natural causes first). At the same time, we provide strong spiritual direction and catechesis (teaching) that help people understand the full reality of the world we live in. We are a non-profit corporation, and we do not charge for our services if we accept your case.  We can help! We are able to service Georgia and all of the southeast. 
This, our main website, has been specifically designed for those who are experiencing strange activity and think that their home or business may be affected.  We are here to help! We have dedicated our lives to help people understand what is happening and in demonic cases, find resolution.