"And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."

​St. John 1:5

We are a team of investigators who are very experienced in this field. We are largely located in Warner Robins, Georgia, but some of our investigators are located elsewhere. We are dedicated to helping people who are claiming to experience activity that is suspected to be of a paranormal or preternatural nature. We are not "ghost-hunters," but are serious investigators whose focus is on PRIVATE CASES where individuals or families are undergoing phenomena in their home that frightens them and is disruptive. We are a volunteer and non-profit organization.

Our Community Contributions Include:
     Conducting Full Paranormal Investigations
     Helping Families disturbed by Paranormal Activity
     Clearing & Blessing Individuals & Homes with aid of Clergy
     Working with "Psychic" Children and their Families
     Cemetery Restoration & Preservation
     Historical Research, Documentation & Archiving
     Promotion of Faith in God & Life After Death
     Education & Awareness of the Dangers of the Occult
     Seminars & Classes on proper Paranormal Research

We are a team of researchers, investigators and technical specialists who have had their own experiences and can relate to those who are experiencing them now. Our team approaches our investigations with a Religious worldview, and our purpose is to help individuals and families who are upset, fearful and worried about what is going on in their lives.   
Our interest for exploration in this field is expressed through very in-depth and thorough investigations into alleged spirit activity manifestations.  Our motivation is to help people who are claiming to be experiencing this phenomena and are upset about it.  As such, our main interest is helping families with paranormal disturbances, demonic infestations or attachments, and "psychic" children; as well as helping individuals who have been involved in Occult practices (Ouija boards, Tarot, seances, divination, necromancy, palm reading or any other "readings," Wicca, paganism, Satanism, etc) and want to get free of demonic influences. We specialize in those and several other areas. Much about parapsychology and paranormal research is often misunderstood, and so one of our other main objectives, in addition to investigating, is education.  Often, we encounter misinformation, ignorance, and a lack of true understanding of what real paranormal research consists of. 

Additionally, some teams investigating the paranormal can be very immature and seemingly on a quest merely to have fun - as if it were a party. Members of such teams can develop demonic attachments as well, and we aid in those such instances.  
We are very serious and professional about how we approach our work, which is centered in our faith.  So many times we hear people say, "You don't know how good that makes me feel, now I don't have to think I'm going crazy."  Our co-founders and many of our investigators are older professionals (the average age is 39) with law enforcement, military, business managment, psychology, and religious backgrounds who know how to treat people and understand (many from personal experience) what you are going through.
Our practice is for each and every one of our field investigators to have the following eight very special characteristics: honesty, patience, professionalism, composure, a healthy skepticism, technological know-how, a deep Christian faith, and spiritual warfare know-how.  Our goal is not only capture the what, but also to understand the why, and then to deal with it.  Too often, investigators are what we call "phenomena focused."  Once it is found that a person, family, or site is experiencing paranormal phenomena, then why?  What then?  In addition to an in-depth, comprehensive investigation, our team also deals very effectively with the why's, and works toward an effective and appropriate solution and outcome.